RS485A (IMX8)#

Galvanic Isolation

The RS485A interface is galvanically isolated to prevent ground-loops and increases overall system resilience.

Preconfigured Docker Container#

There are preconfigured Docker containers (rs485a-minicom, rs485a-libdynamixelplusplus) demonstrating how to access RS485A.

git clone
cd pika-spark-containers/rs485a-minicom
sudo ./ [baudrate]

Manual Configuration#

Configure and use RS485A using minicom:

docker pull alpine:latest
docker run -it -u 0 --device /dev/ttymxc1 alpine:latest sh
apk add minicom
minicom -D /dev/ttymxc1 -b 115200
  • Configure minicom for RS485 / No Flow-Control (Ctrl+A, O)

H -     RS485 Enable      : Yes
I -   RS485 Rts On Send   : Yes